Network or Die | Inspirational Development for Creative Professionals

Musicians, filmmakers, authors & all creative professionals...

A rabid, dedicated & loyal following breathes true life into any creative business venture.

Are you actively involved in your community? Every creative professional has something to share.

Build a strong, creative network by helping those in need.

Creative professionals become their own unique brand by rising above generic clutter.

Friendly competition between creative professionals can be healthy but in the end, we are all colleagues.

Fuel the creative growth process by openly seeking detailed, constructive criticism.

Have you developed a positive, creative environment w/the right team?

good people
Have you developed a solid, creative and adaptable plan w/S.M.A.R.T. goals?

Have you honed your skills? Are you open-minded enough to accept change?

Learn; Share Wisdom & Knowledge; repeat. We are all potential mentors.

Make the declaration: "I am a / an [_____] this is my livelihood".

What drives your creative business? Find your "Why?"

You are not entitled. The world owes you nothing. Take initiative!


Oath of the Creative Professional

I am a creative professional. This is my livelihood.

Finding my “why?” allows me to express my vision.

I have developed a solid yet adaptable plan with S.M.A.R.T. goals.

I will continue to hone my skills while keeping an open mind.

I utilize self-assessment, self-investment, and self-promotion.

I am my own brand, carving a niche and rising above the generic clutter.

From creation to development to end user I will seek detailed critique.

Other independent creative professionals are my colleagues.

I understand that fans / customers are my life’s blood.

I am actively involved in my business as well as in my local community.

I am surrounded by positive, honest, proactive team members.

My network was built by learning from and helping others.

I am a creative professional. I have paid it forward.

Please feel free to share the "Oath" aka Business Development in Verse Form with your friends, family, and business associates. You're also encouraged to share the images and quotes from the rotator section at the top of the page.

It's all about Learning, Sharing, and Cultivating Relationships!

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