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Tunecore Presents: Copyright 101

Jesse Cannon over at Musformation dug up this old Tunecore video explaining copyrights. Yep, I decided to steal it and pass it along myself.Continue Reading

BTBAM’s Paul Waggoner Supports Great New Metal

One of the “projects in works” that I’m currently involved in is Great New Metal.  We help Great New Metal (GNM) bands succeed by creating a buzz around up and coming acts, growing their audience, and helping them to monetize that new fan base by selling a single exclusive licensed signature GNM t-shirt.  Unlike soContinue Reading

Calculate Your Tour’s Gas Cost Using Google Maps [Video]

Using Google Maps and a simple formula, Chris “Seth” Jackson of  How To Run A Band has put together a nifty little video that will scare the shit out of any band wishing to go on tour! Seriously though, this is a real eye opener. For more background on the making of this video andContinue Reading

Hemoptysis Release Video For M.O.D.

Yep, just thought I would pass this on. After all, they are my favorite band, and this is my blog, so yeah… For more info on the video read Hemoptysis Release Video For ‘M.O.D.’Continue Reading

Why register a trademark? (video)

I ran across this video from Erik M. Pelton & Associates explaining why businesses that do not protect and register their trademarks are taking enormous risks and failing to maximize the value of their brands.Continue Reading

Megadeth’s David Ellefson on the Importance of Networking

Here’s a great video from Megadeth bass player, David Ellefson, explaining the importance of networking as a musician!Continue Reading

Managing Lady Gaga

No secret I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga!  Not so much the music, but the person behind the phenomenon.  As a metal head, I get all kinds of backlash for supporting Gaga, but that usually comes from the close-minded idiots with no concept of the overall picture. Lady Gaga is a hands on artistContinue Reading

Industry Profile: SplitGigs

SplitGigs is a social network that helps emerging bands or musicians find gigs to play, through a simple but highly effective idea: the “SplitGig.” Gig-swapping has always been a cool idea to help build a network and a fan base.  Check out this video, then visit the website at http://splitgigs.com/.  I would love to hearContinue Reading

Visuals Are More Important Than Ever!

VIDEO IS THE NEW AUDIO by Jay Warsinske, INDIEPOWER.com Two of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of a breaking a NEW ARTIST is their VISUALS (music videos, EPK, graphic designs, logo) and their LIVE SHOW!  VIDEO is the new TOOL, along with a dynamic performance in creating IMPACT in a cluttered & competitive marketplace! It’s theContinue Reading

Merge.fm Lets Fans & Musicians Share Music’s Creative Experience!

Merge.fm is a web application that let’s fans be there when great songs are made by their favorite artists. Looks & sounds pretty cool to me. Check out the video, then visit http://merge.fm/Continue Reading