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Fan Interaction and the Indie Musician

Photo courtesy of ThisIsChris.com What have you done to actively recognize your fans?  What do you do on any given day to keep your band fresh in their minds?  More importantly, how have you increased sales via fan interaction?  Procrastination is a career killer. Don’t wait for CD Baby or iTunes to sell your music.Continue Reading

How to Launch the XXXX Out of Your Mixtape/Album Part 1

How to Launch the XXXX Out of Your Mixtape/Album Part 1 is an informative video by Markus of BeatsByMarkus.com fame. While geared heavily toward the Rap community, there’s tons of usable info for every indie musician.  Good, solid advice from someone who has made a living via music for the past 10 years!Continue Reading

Specific Goals For The Indie Musician

Line 2 of Oath of the Indie Musician states, “I have developed a concrete plan with specific goals and dates.” In Take The Oath: A Practical Pocket Guide for the Career Indie Musician, I point out that a specific goal has a greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal.  Why?  In creating aContinue Reading

Oath Of The Indie Musician – Part 3: Skilled & Receptive

This is post #3 of 12 in the series “Oath of the Indie Musician” Part 1: Declaration  |  Part 2: Plans & Goals  |  Part 3: Skilled & Receptive Part 4: Self Initiative | Part 5: Niche  |  Part 6: Critique Part 7: Colleagues  |  Part 8: Fans | Part 9: Community Part 10: PositiveContinue Reading