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Songpier – Every Song Becomes An App

SONGPIER is a content & media management system that turns every song into an app, allowing artists/labels to establish and maintain a direct link to music lovers. A truly effective way to promote and share music, photos, news, tour dates, merchandise, and other content with fans via their mobile devices. It’s this easy: Register/Login –Continue Reading

Oath Of The Indie Musician – Part 3: Skilled & Receptive

This is post #3 of 12 in the series “Oath of the Indie Musician” Part 1: Declaration  |  Part 2: Plans & Goals  |  Part 3: Skilled & Receptive Part 4: Self Initiative | Part 5: Niche  |  Part 6: Critique Part 7: Colleagues  |  Part 8: Fans | Part 9: Community Part 10: PositiveContinue Reading