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Tunecore Presents: Copyright 101

Jesse Cannon over at Musformation dug up this old Tunecore video explaining copyrights. Yep, I decided to steal it and pass it along myself.Continue Reading

Music and Web Stuff Last Week 11/13/11

Head-Bang to Hemoptysis’ New “M.O.D.” Music Video My favorite band, Hemoptysis, receives recognition from Jackson Guitars on the release of their new video, M.O.D., their second video pro production video. Creating Effective Music Partnerships part 2: Translating Talent A midem white paper that covers what makes an effective partnership between an artist and a brand.Continue Reading

Oath Of The Indie Musician – Part 3: Skilled & Receptive

This is post #3 of 12 in the series “Oath of the Indie Musician” Part 1: Declaration  |  Part 2: Plans & Goals  |  Part 3: Skilled & Receptive Part 4: Self Initiative | Part 5: Niche  |  Part 6: Critique Part 7: Colleagues  |  Part 8: Fans | Part 9: Community Part 10: PositiveContinue Reading