PR Pointer – Don’t Let The Asshole Of The Band Run Your Social Networks

angryman.jpgPLUGOLA and HIFIDELICS founder, ERIK PETERSON, posted the following message and screen shot (via Google+) of his potential fan to band FB conversation. Aside from being a busy music/tech entrepreneur, Erik is an active social networker, both personally and professionally.  Knowing that he is all about promoting independent artists, I was completely taken back by the response he received.

In Erik’s words,

“A good example how NOT to talk to your fans. I made an innocent comment about how I wished I knew this band was playing locally & was met w/ an attempt at belittlement. What a dick!”


Other than not wanting to build a fan base, I have no idea what this band’s goals may be.  Erik makes a pretty darn good network affiliate, in my book.  Did they even click on his profile to see if maybe he was the guy that could have helped them take it to the next level?

Actually, it doesn’t matter who sends a question.  Whether it comes from a music service founder, a record executive, or a 13 year old fanboy – all legitimate inquiries should be handled with RESPECT!

So yeah, Don’t Let The Asshole Of The Band Run Your Social Networks!

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5 Responses to PR Pointer – Don’t Let The Asshole Of The Band Run Your Social Networks

  1. Exactly, Madalyn. The doorman you snuff at the club your playing in just may be the booking agent next time you roll into town! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this Don. When Erik posted this on his G+ over the weekend I nearly sh*t. What idiot talks like that to ANY fan. Seriously? Yeah our music community is not that big. Be nice. Play nice. You never know who you’re talking to.

  3. NP, Erik. I love that Big Kenny video. I wrote a similar blog for Metal Music Promotions a couple of years ago. I think I need to reprint it here on Network or Die! In that blog I stated,

    “I challenge everyone within the industry to smile, say hello, wave, or somehow acknowledge everyone they meet, everyday.”

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