Get What You Play For

Get What You Play For

I just thought I would take the opportunity to direct y’all to some of my older blogs that deal with the subjects of scrapping Pay to Play and creating your own gigs.  Pay to Play exists because artists allow it.  Mainly because:

  1. They’re pussies and follow the accepted norm.  OK, maybe not total pussies.  It is human nature to fear change.
  2. Ego.  Pro stage, lighting & sound, a huge crowd (that’s not there for you), a chance to open for a “big name” act.  Wow!
  3. Ignorant.  They just don’t know any better or don’t realize it’s OK to think outside the box.

Whatever your reason for allowing Pay to Play to continue – STOP!

Pay To Play Is NOT A Necessary Evil aka Create Your Own Gig!
This is both a rant and a response to the Derek Sivers blog, Not happy with existing venues? Make a new one.

Create Your Own Gig Part 2
As the title might suggest – a follow up to the above article.

Declare Independence – Scrap Pay To Play
My response to the Musician’s Union in Manchester, England deciding that some Pay to Play gigs were OK.

The following video displays the true power of the underground. ETERNAL DECIMATION hijacked a ballerina dance studio. Advertised by word of mouth and social networking, this is as grassroots as you can get. You will notice there is no stage, no lighting, no pro sound, just a band relating to its fans, eye to eye. Fans that specifically came to see them. Does it look like anyone cares that this is not a pro venue setup?

Your fake fans have already taken your music, whether you wanted them to or not. Don’t let crooked promoters & venue owners take away your performance income!

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