Have You Taken The Oath?

Take The Oath ebook displayIt’s a New Year and I’m kicking it off big! A totally revamped NetworkorDie.com featuring music business career development services, and 2 new e-books.

TAKE THE OATH: A Practical Pocket Guide for the Career Indie Musician has been a long time coming. Based off my popular Oath of the Indie Musician, as well as The Oath Extended blog series, this e-book also features tons of resources, plus commentary from some of my industry colleagues.

The Language of Music: Buzz Words & Terminology was a spin off of Take The Oath. I had originally planned to include a music industry vocabulary section at the end of that e-book, but it quickly developed into publication all its own.

Both of these publications are FREE DOWNLOADS!

The “Music Career Services” section of the website is currently being developed, but know that I work with an amazing team of individuals that can assist you in virtually every aspect of your music career. Got a question? Ask! I may not have the answer on hand, but I know someone who does.

I’ve also added a section featuring the most prominent “Projects” I am currently involved in. If you’ve got something brewing (music-related preferred), and need reliable (and affordable) assistance, Contact me!

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In short, I develop music careers, design websites, and help independent artists (and other entrepreneurs) get their business ducks in a row.

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