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Dunkin Donuts As An Example Of How To Brand Your Band

Here’s a very cool video from Loren Weisman on using Dunkin Donuts as an example of how to brand your band. It’s just over a minute long and well worth the watch!Continue Reading

How Do You Network Or Die?

How Do You Network Or Die?

I’ve often been asked, “How do you network or die?”  Here’s a quick list of my beliefs on the subject. Be Memorable Networking is not about personal gain. Be real. Create & nurture relationships. Build trust. Help others. Be Memorable. Your day will come! Be Ambitious Yet Realistic Cast your net far and wide, butContinue Reading

The Brain Trick Merch Sales Page

This post was originally recorded as a Shout. You can listen to that above. I just thought it was worthy of print. We all know that indie musicians are not normally known for their sales skills. Whether they don’t wanna do it, don’t feel comfortable with it, or just don’t know how to go aboutContinue Reading

Indie Musicians – Think Localization Before Globalization

Granted, in this day and age the entire world is indeed your stage, and you should definitely take advantage. Just don’t get too caught up in the hype. Spending most of your free time promoting music via social networks to an online crowd is more often than not – counterproductive. The Return On Investment (ROI)Continue Reading

FREE Download – Unsigned Acts And Drawing Fans

I just thought it was time to revisit Unsigned Acts And Drawing Fans, written by my friend, business associate, and music industry mentor, David J. Spangenberg a/k/a Professor Pooch.  This short but informative e-book epitomizes my own “Network Or Die” philosophy, suggesting that not only the artists get their shit together, but managers, promoters, venueContinue Reading

No One Will Remember Your Band: 10 Ways to Stop Being Forgettable

Chris “Seth” Jackson from How to Run a Band has posted a great article on building band recognition at live events.  He tells bands that not everyone at the show knows who they are, and that it’s no good to entertain a crowd of people and then let them leave not even knowing the nameContinue Reading

Why Sponsorship Proposals End Up In the Trash

I’ve covered sponsorship proposals several times over the last few years, and I’m always looking for great advice on the subject. A couple of days ago I ran across an article on Digital Music News which covered 5 musts for any proposal. Want to keep your pitch out of the trash can? Then you’ve gotContinue Reading

How To Be a Studio Musician Without Leaving Home

Have you considered supplementing your income by becoming a Virtual Session Musician?  It really does open up a whole new world of performance opportunities.  Scott Horton has writen an interesting and informative article on the subject, posted on The article states that, “offering your services as a virtual session musician can be a greatContinue Reading

Turn Your Guitar Skills Into A Fat Wallet

Are you a guitarist (or other musician) looking for alternate income streams? Here’s an informative video created for Guitar Alliance by my buddy, Greg Rollett, over at Gen-Y Rock Stars.Continue Reading

Megadeth’s David Ellefson on the Importance of Networking

Here’s a great video from Megadeth bass player, David Ellefson, explaining the importance of networking as a musician!Continue Reading